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We're pleased to provide residents and their program faculty members with this online training resource. At the Resident Learning Center, you'll find educational resources and evidence-based education programs that will be a major contribution to the field of pediatric education and to the health of children in the United States.

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Christina Valentine

Module 17: Interactive - Basic Newborn Nutritional Needs

About The Module:

After participating in this lecture, you will be able to:

- Define the nutritional needs of newborn infants
- Describe the elements of commonly available formulas for infants

About The Speaker:

Dr. Christina J. Valentine, MD, MS, RD, FAAP is currently a neonatologist, assistant professor, and principal investigator in the division of Neonatology, Perinatal, and Pulmonary Biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Human Milk and Lactation. Her overall goal is the health and well-being of the maternal-infant dyad. She has worked in the field of neonatal nutrition and human milk feeding for the past 25 years and has given lectures and published papers and textbook chapters. Her training includes an MS in human nutrition from the University of Florida and medical degrees from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and The Ohio State University/Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She has been actively involved in initiatives to promote breastfeeding and was a key player in the lobbying for a protective law in the State of Ohio. She is currently a member of the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative to focus on breastfeeding initiation and retention. She has a research background in maternal diet, breast milk composition, and lactation.