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The online, interactive learning modules of the Resident Learning Center are designed to enhance your pediatric nutrition education and help you provide the best patient care.

With My Learning Center, you can get even more from the modules you complete – including complimentary practice tools, the ability to track and compare your progress, and the opportunity to view modules suggested by your program director.

Practice tools: the more you learn, the more you earn.

For every learning module you complete at the Resident Learning Center, you’ll earn a complimentary practice tool. These tools include medically relevant items such as apps, e-books, pediatric guidelines, references, atlases, and more – each one specifically selected to help you during your pediatric residency and beyond.

Log in today to start earning practice tools.

Show off your knowledge, compared to your colleagues.

A little friendly competition between you and your fellow residents is a good thing. My Learning Center is here to keep score.

When you log in, you’ll see a chart tracking your progress at the Resident Learning Center. You’ll also see side-by-side comparisons to your colleagues and other programs – telling you whether you’re ahead of the pack or need to catch up.

Log in now to see where you stand.

The most relevant modules for your rotations.

Your program director will have the ability to determine which learning modules are the most relevant to your clinical rotations. That’s why there’s a page at My Learning Center to view learning modules your program director may have suggested, based on your rotations. Not only can these modules provide you with additional knowledge for your rotations, they’ll also earn you another complimentary practice tool with each module you complete.


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Motivational Interviewing Series

Help patients realize their motivation for moving forward in the change process.

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