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Nutrition Education for Neonatal Fellows

This section of the Resident Learning Center is designed specifically for neonatal fellows. It gives you easy access to the neonatal learning modules in our Pediatric Nutrition Series. In addition, it provides direct links to a Neonatal Nutrition Webinar Series and our other pediatric educational resources.

Limited-Time Offer for Neonatology Fellows

Register now for the Pediatric Nutrition Series on the Resident Learning Center and you will receive a complimentary copy of Milestones in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine: Historical Perspectives from NeoReviews. This exclusive text offers insight into the pivotal advances that have shaped neonatology. Register now and your book will be hand-delivered in 30 days by an Abbott Nutrition Representative.

Milestones in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine: Historical Perspectives from NeoReviews
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Supporting Resources

In addition to the Pediatric Nutrition Series, the Resident Learning Center offers additional complimentary educational resources through grants provided by Abbott Nutrition:

  • NeoReviews/NeoReviews PLUS — Neonatology fellows can receive this online journal through a grant from Abbott Nutrition. The journal focuses on neonatal and perinatal topics.
  • PREP® The Curriculum — The Pediatrics Review and Education Program (PREP) has been developed and administered by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is available to pediatric residents through support from Abbott Nutrition.
  • Abstracts on Disk — Comprises talks and abstracts presented at the annual Pediatric Academic Society Meeting. For registered users only.

Complimentary Neonatal Book

Request your copy of Milestones in Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine: Historical Perspectives from NeoReviews, featuring insight into key advancements in neonatology.

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Complimentary Neonatal Book


Available only to registered users

Be Knowledgeable About Breastfeeding

Provides an overview of breastfeeding and helps guide breastfeeding practices in the institution.

Fluids, Glucose, Calcium & Parenteral Nutrition for the Neonate

Addresses parenteral nutrition issues for premature infants.

Enteral Nutrition for Premature Infants

Addresses enteral nutrition issues for premature infants.

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Webinar Series

Improving Outcomes in Preterm Infants with Nutrition

Protein Requirements and Intake of Preterm Infants

Explores the role of inadequate protein intake as the primary cause of postnatal growth failure in premature infants.

Nutrient-Enriched Feeding Strategies for VLBW Infants

Examines clinical situations where nutrient-enriched feeding strategies may be helpful.

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